Custom Functionality

Your website is more than just your firm’s face to the world. It is one of the primary channels of strategic marketing and can be an extension of your operations on multiple levels. Custom functions can elevate your otherwise static marketing up to an interactive level, providing more value and interest to your customers. For example, web-based automated questionnaires and surveys can provide your marketing team with direct business intelligence while at the same time demonstrating your interest in your customer’s needs and your quality consciousness. Custom online calculators can be provided for your customer’s use to help them further understand their situation, requirements and metrics. Custom auto-payment systems can enhance cash flow and minimize collections. A custom web-based corporate information exchange can increase efficiency and communication and a custom CRM system can improve sales and help solidify client relationships. Custom functions¬†can enhance:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”)
  • Information Exchange
  • New Product Information
  • Auto-Payment System
  • Metrics

These are just a few of the many custom functionality systems that can be developed for your website.

Let our team of custom functionality specialists design a web-based upgrade for your firm’s website (if upgradeable) or incorporate these functions into a new state-of-the-art website. Bring your website up to a higher level of performance and business value.

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